About The Liiighthouse

The Liiighthouse is an innovative Energy Wellness Center specializing in Vibrational Light & Sound Experiences, offering a variety of different intuitive priced services including: Ajna Light (Pineal Activated Light Session), PyraLight (SuperPulsed Infrared Light + Magnetic Session), Healy (Microcurrent Frequency Session), VIBE System (Vibroacoustic Session), Crystal Singing Bowls (Sound Healing Session), PlantWave (Biodata Sonification Session), Akashic Records Reading (Spiritual Illumination Session), Holy Fire® Reiki (Spiritually Guided Life Energy Session), Henna or Jagua (Intentional Body Art Session) + more on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA.


Balboa Island

The Liiighthouse is a hidden gem on Balboa Island – in Newport Beach, California. Finding us is part of the journey. We are the home for Ajna Light Therapy in Orange County.


You can find us on the second floor of 302 1/2 Marine Ave. We are located on the left hand side of "Too Sweet". By Appointment Only.

Sacred Liiight

The Liiighthouse is a collaboration between Sacred Healing Sessions & Liiightspace, together as Sacred Liiight.


We create transformational spaces dedicated to energy wellness. Our sessions combine natural remedies with spiritual technologies   offering gentle methods of relaxation, restoration & recovery for all ages.

Intuitive Pricing

The Liiighthouse sessions are based on "Intuitive Pricing", where at the end of your session – you give from your heart – at your most abundant frequency of love!


 Your energy exchange helps fuel this Light Quest and also allows for these sessions to be accessible to all walks of life.



Benefits of Vibrational Light & Sound: Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Shift & Clear Stagnant Energy, Improve Parasympathetic Nervous System Functions, Relieve Pain & Inflammation, Reach Deep States of Meditation & Relaxation, Enhance Creativity & Intuition, Gain Clarity & Insight, Spiritual Exploration & Visionary Journeys + So Much More!


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