A Special Place to Elevate

The Liiighthouse is a hidden gem on Balboa Island. We are an innovative Energy Wellness Center specializing in Vibrational Light & Sound Experiences, offering a variety of different intuitive priced services including:

Our Private Sessions include:

Intro to Light (Introduction Session)

Ajna Light (Pineal Activation Session)

PyraLight (SuperPulsed Infrared Magnetic Session)

Healy (Microcurrent Frequency Session)

VIBE System (Vibroacoustic Session)

Ways of Liiight (Combination Session)

Crystal Singing Bowls (Sonic Energy Session)

PlantWave (Biodata Sonification Session)

Akashic Records Reading (Spiritual Illumination Session)

Holy Fire Reiki (Energy Healing Session)

Henna & Jagua (Ceremonial Body Art Session)

We also offer 11-Min Tune-Up Sessions:

Energy Wellness Tune-Up (Ajna Light, PyraLight & VIBE System)

Aura / Chakra Tune-Up (Healy)

Book a private session or bring a friend/loved one for a couples/group session

All sessions intuitively priced (by you)

By Appointment Only!

Book here.

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