The Ascension Experience • 8/18, 8/19, 8/20

The Ajna Light uses five pulsed 10w high-powered LEDs, in a gold capstone Tesla Plate field, to induce the same brainwave states seen in advanced meditation practitioners. Many people experience expanded states of consciousness, which reflects their own changing inner awareness. The Ajna Light facilitates deep personal transformation and supports all other forms of therapy.

For the ASCENSION preview experience on Abbot Kinney, we will be hosting 22 minute experiences on the hour and half hour every day from 12-5pm. A ticket is needed to get in and the price has been paid, this is our gift to you. You will be in the space for 30 minutes and you must arrive on time or we will give your spot to the people in line.

The light experience will be accompanied with a sound bath provided by Dru Ali + Evelyn Starlight of Sacred Liiight (Sacred Healing Sessions x Liiightspace).

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