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PyraLight (for 2)

PyraLight + PyraEyes or Meditation Glasses w/ 2 VIBE Systems

  • 1 hour
  • From 144 US dollars
  • The Liiighthouse

Service Description

SuperPulsed Magnetic Energy Body Wellness The PyraLight Session is a unique transformational yin-centered experience using Light, Sound & Vibration as a gentle method for Relaxation, Restoration & Recovery. The PyraLight Pad superpulses six 850nm infrared LEDs as well as 5uT magnetic fields into the body, using three highly beneficial brainwave frequencies—40hz Gamma + 8hz Schumann + 2hz Delta. The synergistic pulsing of infrared light & magnetics is really great for relaxation, pain reduction, improved resilience & overall better mood. Plus your choice between 2 add-on Light Modalities... The PyraLight PyraEyes Mask—an extension to the PyraLight which superpulses 40hz Gamma + 8hz Schumann + 2hz Delta through six LED (two 650nm Blue LEDs, two 550nm Green LEDs & two 400nm Blue LEDs) plasma lights, and high power still point phase conjugation hyperboloid magnetic fields for generating a powerful deep body meditative experience. or.... The PyraLight Meditation Glasses—an extension to the PyraLight—superpulses three 400nm violet LEDs + a mini magnetic pad for generating a gentle deep body meditative experience. The Vibe 3 Vibrational Sound Therapy System allows you to access the most primal levels of your nervous system and human physiology so that you can instantly relax, meditate, activate, detoxify, transform, restore, recover, balance, ground, release and harmonize during your session. ​Provided for your session: -PyraLight 3 Pad from Techeolithic (for 2) -PyraLight PyraEyes Mask from Techeolithic (for 2) -PyraLight Meditation Glasses from Techeolithic (for 2) -The Vibe 3 Vibrational Sound Therapy System from Bioharmonic Technologies (for 2) -Custom Acoustic Headphones from Bioharmonic Technologies (for 2) By Appointment Only.

Contact Details

  • 302 1/2 Marine Avenue, Newport Beach, CA, USA



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